Introversion and Shyness

Psychochild has come to the bottom of why the RealID forum fiasco was such a big deal here, and it has to do with being an introvert.

I think he’s probably right, but then again I am an introvert as well as shy.

What is an introvert? Look here.

If you aren’t familiar with the Jung/Myers-Briggs typology, then I suggest you go take this test.

It’s interesting to get more intuition into your own personality, but also helpful to learn about others.

It wasn’t until I took this test among classmates in a college course that I realized just how differently we all view the world. I had assumed most of my life that most people think and feel generally in the same ways that I do. Come to find out I’m rather the odd one out.

Only 25% of people are introverts, while most people are extroverts. I am an ISFJ with very strong preference to Introversion (78%) and Judging (87%). One you know your type then the Personality Page is a great resource for more specific details on your type.

Shyness is something else entirely. Read about it here.

The combination of Introversion and Shyness can be socially crippling. This is why I so value my interactions in the game. When things get too intense for me, whether on a shyness level or an introversion level, I can just log off.

So now you, fair reader, know far more about me than perhaps I should have shared.


4 Responses to Introversion and Shyness

  1. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad it’s resonating with people who understand what introversion is.

    Thinking that everyone else looks at things the same way you do is pretty universal. One ability I appreciate that I developed through a lot of paper RPGs is the ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes and look at the world from another perspective.

    Ultimately, I think one big issue is that people just don’t understand what introversion really is. Your Google ad on this page for me says, “Stop Being an Introvert Become Extroverted and Liked Stop Wasting Your Youth Alone.” You can’t stop being an introvert. You can learn to extrovert well and know your limits, but it’s not just something you decide to do or not to do. That’s one reason why I love the book The Introvert Advantage, because it goes into some of the physiological and neurochemical reasons for why people are introverted.

    Anyway, thanks again. Glad you enjoyed my post.

    • I did enjoy your post, and thank you for posting it. I didn’t see the Google ad you’re talking about until later. You’re absolutely right, some of those ads are just horrible and give the wrong impression.

      I read “The Introvert Advantage” shortly after I took the Jung/Meyers-Briggs personality test, because it seemed very strange to me that I was displaying so much favor towards Introversion (at the time I thought that is not normal, how do I fix it?). In my quest to fix myself, I learned that I am not necessarily broken.

      Every time I meet someone else who is also an Introvert it is like a little blessing. Although we may be the minority, we are not alone.

  2. Saga says:

    I too am an introvert. It’s something I think my mother (who is very much the opposite) has problems coming to terms with. That combined with some current illnesses I have very little interest in spending hours upon hours at family dos. I will enjoy it for 1-3 hours, but then I really just want to go home – and my family have a big problem understanding this. Maybe I should send them to that page that explains what an introvert is 🙂

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