A Druid Kind of Weekend

I spent my weekend working on my darling, Vivacious. Lady RNG saw fit for her to upgrade some gear, but she still looks silly as all get out, and she’s not even in Outlands yet.

I can't see anything under this floppy hat!

I ran Sunken Temple four times in a row. I remember that I used to get lost in there. Now I could run it in my sleep. And while there I dinged level 50.

Then I went on to do some questing and worked my way into Un’Goro Crater. I love the crystal cave at the back of Marshal’s Refuge, and couldn’t resist taking a picture there too.


2 Responses to A Druid Kind of Weekend

  1. Erinys says:

    That hat or at least a very similar hat is the reason why every one of my characters now hides their helms.

    • The hat is definitely not the worst I’ve ever seen. The oven mitts on my hands though? Ughh… Hot pink oven mitts for gloves? They are almost as bad as the blood-dipped cloth ones, can’t remember where they were from.

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