Here come the newbies!

Cairne has been selected as one of those realms best suited for new players, probably due to low population and imbalance between the factions.

So many people have transferred off. Entire guilds have left the Horde side. Because of this I’m actually quite optimistic about this change. The server needs some new blood. Yeah, most of the newbs won’t stay if they even make it to 80, but a few will.

Alliance remains more popular, although there are very few long standing guilds on the server, probably because of the following cycle: OMG Dramaz /Gquit! Two seconds later…. Hey guys I’m making a guild. We’re gonna be hardcore pro raiders. Two more seconds later…OMG Dramaz /Gquit!

The long and short of it: I rolled me up a level one Nelf (cuz that’s where the newbs are gonna be), and went to visit them.

This wasn't even peak time.

Yep, there’s a lot of them, and many are just chatting with each other and naked dancing. I’ve even bumped into some RPers (although my bet is that they won’t last if they really are decent RPers). Seeing this many people in a starting zone reminded me of the days when the server had first opened to new rolls (6 months without transfers made the server a true haven).

It’s fun to eavesdrop on newb conversations in /say. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I managed to catch a poor newb flirting aimlessly with a “female” Nelf, completely oblivious to the fact that “she” was not accepting his advances.

Along with newbs in the starting zone, comes level 58 DKs of the opposite faction inclined to destroy the questing experience for these young players. My guildies had some fun the other night protecting Auberdine from the Horde.

All in all, this is making me reminisce about the days when the server first started. I wonder if they will be releasing new servers with Cata like they did with other expansions. It seems unlikely, since there seems to be a lot of low pop realms out there. There’s a little part of me that wants to reroll fresh on a brand new server, just because that experience proved so rich before.


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