Ama Evolution

My Priest has been my main for over 2 years now. In that time, I’ve watched her change and grow. Here is a little commemoration in screenshots.

Leveling Circa Level 50

Early Outlands Circa Level 60

Newly Level 70

My First Tier Gear

Late BC Gear

Early Wrath



2 Responses to Ama Evolution

  1. Saga says:

    While I don’t play my priest anymore I still love the look of them. 🙂

    I definitely recognise the cloth spellpower gear from early TBC *lol* Everyone walking around with the stupid thigh-high boots! (that were supposed to be trousers!)

    • I have to admit, I’m a bit partial to the scanty outfits that were the trend in BC. Wrath has seemed much more conservative. I understand, from a Lore perspective, it’s COLD in Northrend, but dangit, WTB some skin!

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