RP Hate

There is a member of my guild who is very vocal about disliking Roleplay, I’ll call him Mack. To be fair Mack is also very vocal about just about everything.

Mack has told me over and over again how horrible the players from Moonguard and Nesingwary are when he runs into them in random heroics, ending his comments by spitting, “Fucking Roleplayers!” I find it amusing because Nesingwary isn’t an RP realm, and he never mentions Wyrmrest Accord or Farstriders which are RP realms. My guess is he doesn’t really realize which are RP realms and which aren’t. If they’re bad they must be RP. I’ve done my share of pugging, and personally, I’ve had more trouble with players from the PvP servers on our Battlegroup than the RPers.

Are we talking about Tirion?

With the plethora of newbies invading the realm, I guess Mack has run into some roleplayers. Mack is very against the invasion of newbs, and it gets even worse if he thinks they are RPing at him.

So I found it incredibly amusing when someone said in trade, “If you don’t know who the leader of the Argent Crusade is then get off our server.” Mack said, “Yeah! If they don’t know that shit they need to gtfo!”

Last I checked, knowledge of the primary faction leaders and storyline is what we call Lore. Knowledge of Lore would be a primary criteria for Roleplaying. I called him out on it, and he had no response.

This one time at the Aldor bank…

It reminds me of this one time back in BC, a friend and I were outside of the Aldor bank chatting in /say. Some random person came up to us and told us to go find an RP server to RP on, because no one wants to hear us. The funny thing is that I was talking to her about taking my cat to the vet IRL.

I recognize that I’m not on an RP realm anymore, but it still makes me a little butthurt when I hear people trashing Roleplayers. I think a lot of times most mainstream players have no concept of what RP really is. It’s human nature to fear and lash out at that which you don’t understand, I suppose.

Guild Concerns

Mack’s viewpoint is infectious. The entire guild has taken to making fun of the Moonguard players whenever they appear in a group, even if they are playing well enough. “Oh the Moonguard Mage is doing 100 dps less than me. Stupid Moonguard.”

Even more frustrating, they start talking in Old English, as if that is how real RPers talk. “The Moonguard people are too busy saying, ‘My lord, perhaps we might visit the lumbermill this day, for they hath the finest oak in the realm.’ to perform well in a BG.” I’ve actually threatened to gquit. I know I should just let the jokes go, but I know I am a Roleplayer at heart, and it hurts.

/2 WTB a little tolerance, paying with kindness, pst.

My GM and I spoke about the issue a few days later, and all is well. They have had nothing but abysmal experiences with Moonguard. It has nothing to do with RP, although, since they know it is an RP server, the jokes tend to turn that way. At the time I didn’t feel like I had any means of standing up for RP. He gave me a few suggestions that he thought could diffuse the situation if it came up again. He apologized and explained that he meant no offense to me.

Special Project Time?

Personally, I have had nothing but good experiences with the players from the 3 RP realms on our battlegroup. I think it may be time for a new pet project in which I document what realm different players in randoms are from and grade them on skill and behavior, just to get a test of where the scrubs really lie (at least in my opinion).

The irony is that Cairne has a reputation for being the shitty server on the Battlegroup.


6 Responses to RP Hate

  1. Tarinae says:

    I love Moonguard. I can’t log in without a bar party in Goldshire. I am not sure how it happens but if Mack existed on an RP server and behaved as such, the behavior is bannable.

    I roll on an RP server that doesn’t really even know what that is anymore. But I do enjoy the RP aspect that is wow.

    And I don’t understand why people hate RP’rs so much. I don’t go around calling people FUCKING RAIDERS or FUCKING PVPrs? I embrace that they do what they enjoy in game…even when PVP is a little destructive to others game play. But what does RP hurt? Nothing.

    But as this is something I could soap box on, I won’t just thought I had to say that slashing someone 1) for simply existing on an RP server and 2) RPing in general is mean and uncalled for.

    ps. WTB Shadow Council in a different battlegroup. Recknoning kind of blows.

    • I think people inherently fear that which they don’t understand. The people who are the most vehemently against RP are most likely the ones who completely misunderstand what it is.

      When I spoke to my GM, he told me that part of the reason he picks on RP is because he is jealous. He wishes he could be that creative. I think he probably could if he put his mind to it.

      Mack, on the other hand, is just a very opinionated and outspoken, stubborn and set in his ways type of person. He gets grumpy when someone sits on the bench he likes to sit on in Dalaran. So I don’t think anything I say will change him. I’m not so sure his behavior is bannable since it all takes place within Guild chat or vent. I’m not sure I’d even really want him to be banned. I just wish he would have a little respect for others feelings.

      What frustrates me is that every true Roleplayer I have ever played with or talked to has been nothing but respectful and nice, and if not the best player then willing to learn. These are not the people making random groups horrible. Then again, maybe I’m wrong.

      My GM has told me two stories about groups of people he has run into from Moonguard that made me question my feelings about RP.

      He had a random heroic dungeon group with 2 dps and a tank from Moonguard. The DK tank refused to use key tank talents/spells because they didn’t suite him for RP reasons. This caused the group to fail at completing the dungeon.

      Along these same lines, he wound up in a Warsong Gulch battle, where 5 players from Moonguard sat in the base and RPed the entire time and did not join the battle. This, of course, ended in defeat.

      I have no problem with Roleplayers using the LFD tool, but be respectful. If you are grouping with people from other servers, the common goal is to complete the dungeon with reasonable efficiency. If you want to Roleplay in a dungeon, please get a complete group together so you don’t have to subject others to your arbitrary RP rules, that could effect the outcome of the dungeon. Either that, or please make sure your RP doesn’t significantly impair the completion of the dungeon.

      I’m not sure if this sort of thing is accepted on RP servers, but in my mind it shouldn’t be. I respect Roleplay and enjoy it very much, but if the role you are playing is going to effect the others you are with to such extreme extent, then don’t be surprised if you are put on /ignore and kicked from random groups. Roleplay is very similar to BSDM in that all parties involved need to communicate clearly and be in complete agreement, otherwise you have a situation akin to rape on your hands.

      (Sorry for the extreme example, but it seemed most apt.)

  2. Saga says:

    I don’t RP though I sometimes secretly wish I was.

    I remember once I made a remark to a friend of mine – just as a jest.. Along the lines of “After you m’lady”, basically just making sure she got on the zeppelin from Orgrimmar before me since I was higher level and didn’t want her stranded by missing it.

    Some guy standing next to us went livid about how we shouldn’t RP cause it sucked and definitely not in /say. It kind of made me laugh though since it wasn’t even intended as role-play in the first sense. I’ll say silly stuff like that to friends in RL – but as soon as you do it on WoW you’re apparently RPing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against RP – and as I mentioned I’d love to do some. I just don’t have anyone who’d do it with me and I’d miss my guildies too much to re-roll 🙂

    • Those kind of situations really make me wonder. I’m not sure I understand why a couple of people having fun in /say is such a disruption to the non-RPer. Sure it’s taking up a little chat space, but is it really that disturbing? I could understand if it was erotic or in some other way disturbing, but something as simple as “After you m’lady” is just fun.

      People will complain about anything, I guess. I see people complain about the chat in /trade, and then people complain about the trade in /trade. Can’t please everyone.

  3. Traxy says:

    I miss RP.

    I used to RP on Thorium Brotherhood before RP got griefed out of that server and disappeared entirely. A bunch of my friends migrated to Moon Guard, which is apparently the last bastion of RP left in the WoW universe. I’ve thought about transferring there but the server is too crowded for my tastes and I like PvE a bit too much.

    There are two things that surprise me about RP hate (and I get it too, even on the PvE server I’m now on). The first is that RP as it is performed is essentially a fully optional activity. It is very easily ignored (as opposed to PvP, which is shoved in your face every fifth fishing quest and is responsible for at least half of the nerfs and buffs to talents). I myself hate PvP, and hate the attitude of PvPers, but for the most part I leave them alone and choose not to comment on the way they enjoy the game. Why not simply leave RPers alone?

    The second thing that surprises me is the basic underpinning of the game. It’s not a MMOPvEG, or MMOPvPG: it’s an MMORPG. The story makes a huge difference in the flavor of the game, from the very highest points of PvE raiding (slaying the son who betrayed Lordaeron), to the mundane quests like collecting spider meat for a hungry guy in Duskwood. The game would be unplayably bad if there weren’t the story behind it (just look at all the MMOs that have failed because they didn’t have as strong a story component as WoW). Doesn’t it make sense that people would want to craft their own characters to join in on these stories? Isn’t that what we all do to some extent by simply playing the game?

    I think the latter point may be what drives the RP hate. These are the same people who simply don’t get the drama clique in their high school or whatnot, and have a sneaking suspicion that there’s some fun involved there that they aren’t getting. Heaven forbid they might actually enjoy the storylines. They are confused about their own identity and seek to buttress their own sense of identity by lashing out at anything that causes them to question it. They hate it because at some level, deep down, they like it. Otherwise they’d be playing a different game.

    • Well written and thank you for commenting, Traxy.

      I think you’re right about the jocks who hated the drama geeks in high school thing. My GM as much as admitted that’s why he picks fun. It’s a bit amazing that he’s intelligent enough to articulate it, and a bit amazing that intelligent as he is, he still does it.

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