My bestfriend and I decided to make a couple of horde alts in preparation for the goblins we plan to make with the release of Cataclysm. It’s nice to have a set of alts for just the two of us for when neither of us is busy raiding or working. We only play these toons together.

So, despite my racism, we’ve made Taurens. I’m actually really happy with the choice. I’m getting used to being a big boned, hairy, hooved monster. The only part that still gives me trouble is Thunder Bluff.

He has tried to freak me out by pretending to jump off the bridges a few times now. Apparently those ropes can hold a person in pretty well. I still don’t like the heights. It’s beautiful, but terrifying.

Introducing Nàturemade and Moochalatte

He’s a druid and I’m a warrior. I still kind of want to relegate him to healing me, but he wants to bear tank. So right now, I am a bandage spec Fury Warrior. See my two points in Armored to the Teeth?


4 Responses to Moo!

  1. Traxy says:

    A long, long time ago, one of my favorite things to do was to take my paladin to Thunder Bluff, get into a scrap with the guards, and when I was low on health, throw myself off the bluffs, relying on my bubble to save me.

    I could do it with my mage and slow fall but somehow it was never the same thing.

    • Mmmm… Paladin bubble for the win! Slow fall is slow. Same with Priests and Levitate. With the bubble you fall fast, but it doesn’t hurt.

      I’m not sure I could do it. I had a hard enough time coping with the Aldor Rise elevator back in the day. Thunder Bluff seems 10 times taller.

  2. Tam says:

    Hey Taurens are awesome! And very attractive.

    Big boned, hairy, hooved monsters indeed!

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