The Random Project: Week One

Midway through last week I began the Random Project, an effort to see what servers the “bad players” are mostly from.

07/23/10 – Heroic CoS – Amaranthine (healer) and Holyspell (tank)

Balur – Nazgrel – Mage

Xard – Nazgrel – Ret Paladin

Lorette – Mok’Nathal – Warlock

All dps behaved well and performed decently for a heroic. Nothing to make this instance stand out positively or negatively.

07/24/10 – Heroic HoL – Amaranthine (healer)

Boggiebear – Antonidas – DK Tank

Ashtron – Antonidas – Hunter

Gstone – Borean Tundra – Warrior

Lorena – Mok’Nathal – Mage

This was one of the most fun heroics I have run in a good while, largely because the tank was playfully bantering back and forth with me. All of us performed well, and joked about whether or not we had set the dungeon on heroic, because it was too easy. If I could rate people instead of just ignoring, Boggiebear would have gotten several thumbs up!

07/25/10 – Heroic HoR – Amaranthine (healer)

Rorke – Nordrassil – DK Tank

Corko – Nordrassil – Hunter

Horagalles – Shandris – Shaman

Mangler – Drenden – Ret Paladin

We wiped twice. The tank was struggling to hold aggro the entire time. I don’t think it was because the dps was being overly aggressive either. The hunter died during the first group of waves before Falric and released and ran back in, only to be locked out of the room. I explained that he shouldn’t have run back, I could have rezzed him at the very least after Falric. We managed to get through this dungeon relying on the strength of myself, the shaman and paladin, who ended up tanking stray mobs that the tank apparently couldn’t handle. The tank thanked us at the end because he hadn’t thought he would be able to tank this dungeon. All in all, not a good showing for Nordrassil. They were nice people, but not the best players.

07/25/10 – BRD – Vivacious (healer) level 53

Redhammer – Drenden – Paladin Tank

Assassin – Moonguard – Hunter

Sueaside – Antonidas – Mage

Sranthony – Nazgrel – Warrior

Bigwager – Antonidas – Hunter

So, I have had my first experience with a jerk from Moonguard. On entering the dungeon, Assassin, the hunter, immediately started pulling 2-3 packs of mobs, before we could even get buffs out. We wiped. The tank asked Assassin to stop pulling mobs, and asked that if he wants to go faster or pull more to say so and let the tank make the pulls. This didn’t slow Assassin down. He kept pulling and pulling, and never said a word. We wiped twice because of his over-pulls. We were trying to be patient with him. After the second wipe he was still doing this, at which point the tank and I agreed to let him die. With him dead we were finally able to kick him (can’t kick while in combat).

Assassin was replaced with another hunter, Bigwager, who behaved very well in comparison. We moved on, but unfortunately none of us were familiar with the dungeon and we didn’t know which boss we needed to kill to get our satchel. We wandered around and killed probably 8 bosses, but never got our satchel and finally gave up.


3 Responses to The Random Project: Week One

  1. Traxy says:

    I’d highly recommend the addon ElitistGroups. At the beginning of an instance it gives you a rundown of the gear level, gear appropriateness (i.e., it will tell you if a dps is wearing entirely PvP gear), enchant completion and gem completion. I find it’s far better than GearScore in giving you an idea of what to expect; a dps with an item level average of 210 but nevertheless is properly geared and enchanted is probably going to be much better than a dps with an average item level of 250 but no enchants and incorrect gems and a few PvP pieces thrown in.

    It also lets you rate the puggers after the run so you have a better refinement than just ignore/no ignore.

    • Hmm… thanks for the tip. I don’t use GearScore anyway, but if this would allow me to rate puggers, I think I’d like it.

      You’ll notice I made no mention of GS or gear at all in my post. I typically don’t look at someone’s gear or spec unless they are performing or acting very poorly.

      • Traxy says:

        I like to know it as the tank because it helps me plan the run. Undergeared healer? Keep an eye out for mana and make it a controlled run. Undergeared dps? Steady pulls but nothing heroic. Really well geared, enchanted and gemmed dps and healers? Go crazy and try something fun/stupid.

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