Another Picture, Another Thousand Words

Quick take the picture! There's no dragon goo dripping on me is there?

When I killed Onyxia for the first time, I was level 70 and she was still level 60.  Having started playing the game very late in Vanilla, I hadn’t even made it to 40 yet when BC was released. It still felt epic to kill her, even at 70.

My guild was the first on our little reroll server to kill Ony on the Alliance side. No one bothered with it Alliance side, since 70 was the new 60, who cared about old content? The only people who thought this stuff was srsbsns were the people duped into getting Kue his Scarab Lord title, and that was Horde side anyway.

My guild cared about old content, if for no other reason just to see it. This was back when we were still just having fun. I’m fairly certain it was a Saturday or Sunday and one of our Paladin tanks sent ripples out seeing if anyone wanted to see if we could down Ony. Of course I wanted to go. We trudged through the attunement quests and made our way to Onyxia’s Lair.

I think there were 13 of us, and we wiped a few times, since none of us had seen the content before. In the end, we succeeded despite the MANY WHELPS! I left there with a spiffy level 60 hat that I wore when I was in Shatt for the entirety of the expansion after (and I still have in my bank even though I’ve replaced it with the level 80 version).

It was incredibly dramatic marching into Stormwind with Onyxia’s head in tow. The excitement of the event of placing Ony’s head on the gates was amazing. The guild made a march of it with the Alliance soldiers, and people kept coming up to us asking what was going on.

It was nice of Blizzard to revamp Ony for level 80, but it never felt as epic as that first time.

I’m hoping with Cataclysm there will be something equally dramatic for the downing of Deathwing, and not just a statue in the middle of Dalaran.


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