I got the blues

I got the lowdown, end of expansion, Cata is in Beta, StarCraft 2 just came out blues…..

No, I’m not experiencing the ennui that many bloggers get towards the end of expansion. I’m still playing every day and enjoying it immensely.

My little 10 man guild is bleeding raiders, though. Both the GM and the RL, as well as the raiders in the guild, are getting a bit frustrated. This is the second week in a row in which we haven’t had enough people online to push progression ICC content. The GM is fiercely against pugging people into our group (unless its my bestfriend, then we make exceptions). Last week we 9 manned up through Saurfang and called it quits. This week we haven’t gone to ICC at all. We 8 manned the weekly dungeon boss and that’s it.

What have I been doing if I haven’t been raiding?

  • Well, the baby taurens are now level 14,
  • Farming Sha’tari Skyguard rep,
  • And attempting to fish up Mr. Pinchy while I’m at it.
  • I’m also occasionally hitting up the Baron in Stratholme for an attempt at the mount.

But mostly I’ve been:

Yep, running Battlegrounds.

Its a little more fun when you have friends or guildies with you. Besides, now that I’m off of the PVP realm and back on our little backwater Battlegroup, I’m finding that I may have picked up some skills while I was on TFC. I’m a little beast sometimes in BGs. Sometimes I’m just squishy, but sometimes RAWR! OOMing in a BG means you’re doing it right. Plus, I kinda feel sexy in my red pvp gear.


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