Where am I and what is this handbasket?

Well, after a nearly perfect month of posting every day, I have seriously slacked off. I’m not really slacking off. I’ve changed jobs and am currently working 3rd Shift. The blog was something I used to do during my breaks at work. I’m still playing and having a blast, but I need to readjust to my new schedule and fit in blogging time. I have tons of words in my brain, but am struggling to make time to let them out.

In the meantime, my DK was deleted to make space. The Taurens made it to 15, ran two horribad RFC pugs. At which point I decided if we are going to do dungeons, I am going to heal. So the Taurens have been deleted in favor of Blood Elves. He has made a Hunter and I have made a Paladin, which I promptly named Amaste. As the RP continues so does the actual character.

Ama and the guild downed Halion, but we still are struggling to fill ICC raids. I pugged ICC 10 this week, and it was… stressful. I’d much rather be with the guild. One of my old friends from a previous guild has joined us. It’s so good to have him with, but we still need another reliable tank.

Anyway, here’s hoping more blog time flows my way.


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