Puggle Trouble

Sometime last week a few guildies and I got pugged into another guild’s ICC 25 run. Loot rules were very simple, MS roll first, then OS, then DE. Once you have won something for MS, you may not roll on another item for MS (trying to spread the loot around). Simple right?

An item dropped and it was a decent upgrade for our rogue. He rolled for MS and won it. As soon as he got the item the warrior tank began crying. Apparently he’d been trying to get that item for his PvP set for a long time. He whispered our rogue and asked if he would sell it to him. The rogue gave him a price of 7k gold, which I think is quite reasonable for an ilvl 264. The warrior countered, offering one Primordial Saronite. This offer was kind of a slap in the face to the rogue, so he said no. At which point the warrior began berating him and calling him a fail rogue, etc.

The rogue eventually had to take it to the RL who ended up taking said tank aside. I have no idea what was said,  but he stopped bothering our rogue anyway.

Here’s the thing. Said warrior tank was not doing that great of a job as it is and was admittedly playing an Xbox game while he raided. Who is the fail in this situation? Besides, why should you be more entitled to an item that is for PvP for you, than the person who it is a real MS upgrade for? (The rogue did admit it was a very small upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless)

When we took down Rotface we killed him right at the enrage timer. The top DPS for the fight was from the PuG guild, but 2nd, 3rd and 4th were all from my guild. #3 was our rogue.  Don’t go calling people fail when they are carrying your raid. Without us or some dps of equal value there they never would have made that enrage timer.

Needless to say, we’ve decided not to join that guild’s 25 mans anymore.


2 Responses to Puggle Trouble

  1. Saga says:


    7k or.. here, have this primordial saronite worth 500 gold. That warrior was a twat – nothing else to say really.

    I don’t mind if people buy items off each other, but then accept the going price. currently 5-9k seem to be the general range of ICC25 items depending on which item it is.

    • Exactly!

      We’ve resumed running with this guild. The jerky warrior is noticeably absent. I’m not sure if he got gkicked or just raid kicked. Either way, it’s been a much better experience without him.

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