Another one goes through the portal

One of my favorite quests is in Winterspring is the one to find out what the deal is with the owlkin. It begins with the quest to gather feathers, then you have to find Ranshalla and escort her as she attempts to reactivate the altar of Elune.

After spending far too much time in Winterspring, Vivacious finally hit 58 and headed for the Dark Portal.

I’ve never been so happy to see Hellfire in my life! Outlands, here comes trouble!


2 Responses to Another one goes through the portal

  1. Traxy says:


    My priest just hit 58 last night. It feels very weird to me because, with the exception of my death knight (who doesn’t really count), I haven’t leveled a character up to 58 since before Burning Crusade came out. They all tend to peter out at the 40-50 level.

    • Thank you! Grats to your priest too!

      I somehow managed to get my paladin to 80, after about 2 years of slooooow leveling. Most of my alts peter out somewhere between 20-30 level. So you’re doing better than me.

      I’m hoping the druid will be done a little faster. I’m finding the dungeon finder immensely helpful in this regard. Although, I’m getting rather sick of Ramparts and I’m not particularly enjoying doing Hellfire quests again. I can’t wait to get through it and move on to Zangarmarsh.

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