Hellfire + DK Tanks = Win?

I’ve read so many blog posts and heard so many stories from my partner in crime about fail DK tanks in the Hellfire dungeons that I was well prepared for things to be horrible in LFD once I hit Outlands. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

My very first Hellfire Ramparts on Vivacious was with my best friend’s Shaman and three DKs. Seeing three DKs in a group was enough to make me cringe. The run went very smoothly. I’ve since run with a few Paladin tanks through the same dungeon, and found more struggle there. I’ve found the Paladins less conscious of over-pulling.

From level 52 up I had stopped using the LFD. A few horribad BRD pugs left the worst possible taste in my mouth, so I decided to wait until Outlands. I was a little worried about jumping back into healing after such a long break,  but I was pleased to find that I am still a kick ass healer.

Most tanks I run with make it a point to tell me so. Flattery will get you everywhere!


4 Responses to Hellfire + DK Tanks = Win?

  1. I think you are lucky that the DK’s weren’t terribad. I guess it is probably because all of the bad rerolls have already reached 80 and are frustrating heroic groups hehe. I loved outlands when I was leveling, netherstorm especially.

    • Yep, I’m fairly certain I have been lucky. Every time I run into a good tank I try to praise them for it and encourage them to continue. Tanking is the most thankless job in the game. I’m always excited when I see a good tank in a random.

      My favorite zones in Outlands are Zangarmarsh and Nagrand. I’m betting I won’t make it to Netherstorm before hitting 68-70. Perhaps I should make it a point to explore out there before hitting Northrend.

  2. Saga says:

    I think it depends a lot on the DKs you run into 🙂 Some are new to tanking while others may have tanked on something before – or at least have a clue what to do.

    I find the biggest problem as a DK tank is that at low levels you don’t have a “normal” taunt, just death grip with it’s longer cooldown. Also there is never an aoe snap taunt (or I’m blind). Death and Decay is nice threat, but it’s not a taunt and doesn’t always bring them all to you if someone was quick starting to dps them.

    But DKs can definitely tank if it’s done right 🙂

    The over-pulling is something tanks need to look at. I wonder if it’s people used to playing at level 80 and outgearing the instance. They might be forgetting that they’re not ICC geared and that things actually hurt now. 😉

    • I think you’re absolutely right, Saga. Most people I’ve run into in the lower level 5 mans are alts, so they are quite used to overpowering the level 80 instances.

      Its really too bad. That is really my only true complaint about Wrath, that the 5 mans were completely able to be roflstomped.

      We never ran into that in BC 5 mans, at least I didn’t. Those dungeons were only easy if you ran them with people who knew the pulls. There was never this AoE madness.

      I really hope this will be changing with Cataclysm. WTB relevant 5 mans.

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