Achievements Galore!

Ama’s been very busy.

I finally got to see the Professor P fight, and watching him die gave me:

And I also got to see Valithria, and watching her live gave me:

Then we went off PVPing and I got:


Best Achievement ever!

I’m actually having the time of my life when it is time for me to play with my guild. We have a new priest in the guild too. She is Holy and the two of us heal together with near perfect synergy. I haven’t had a healing partner fit so well with me since Jezzabell. It feels really good.


2 Responses to Achievements Galore!

  1. Excandersham says:

    Its always awesome when healing partnerships form:)

    • Indeed! Thanks for commenting.

      I’m only worried that she won’t stay. Her main is horde side and she has expressed to me that she doesn’t feel very welcomed into the guild. I’ve tried to do my best to make her feel welcome, but there isn’t much I can do when I am not on.

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