Still not the best dressed druid…

Viva is 63 now, and I’m loving playing her.

My Resto set doesn’t look half bad, so I’m not even going to share. But oh the humanity when I put on my feral set! I’ve lost my hair under the leather head protector I’m wearing. I never thought I’d say this, but thank god my eyebrows stick out. Needless to say I am staying shapeshifted as much as possible.

At least they didn't give me hotpants and thigh high boots!


I don’t know that kitty dps is going to be something I’m going to want to do in raids when I hit 80, but it’s good enough for questing and whatnot. I’m kind of thinking I might want to try Boomkin spec when I get to 80, but who knows.

Truly healing is my first passion, and I’ve fallen madly in love with druid healing. I have a sneaking suspicion that Viva will be my main in Cata if I can get her to 80 before release.

Only time will tell what will befall both classes when the world is torn asunder. I am currently refusing to look at talent changes yet. It’s terribly premature in my opinion. I’ll read up on it about a month before release so I won’t be completely shocked. Anything before then is really just Beta and not for certain and likely to make me all upset for no good reason.


2 Responses to Still not the best dressed druid…

  1. Saga says:

    Quest items in TBC are almost all exclusively.. ugly.. and mismatched. But yes, be glad you’re not stuck with the hot pants and thigh-high boots that the casters get *lol*

    It used to feel like the initiation rite in entering Outland as a caster – getting your own dominatrix outfit!

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