Third Shift and the Slump

I’m struggling to adjust to my new work schedule, and so my posts have become sporadic.

When I do post, the posts are lacking. They are either short and filled with pictures, or long and rambly and without much clarity (not that my posts were not like that before, but it seems they are even moreso now).

I’m blaming this on working third shift. The spare time I have to write is slim, and it often falls during times when I am quite sleepy.

I am still playing WoW just as much as I was before.

The horde alts have been shelved for the moment, and my partner and I are focusing on the druid and shaman. We both desperately want these toons to be 80 for Cataclysm.

I’m spending less and less time raiding with my guild. My druid is in the guild, so I still get guild chat, but I tend not to log on vent when I’m with my partner. I kind of feel bad since that is where most of the socializing happens.

I think everyone is going through a WoW slump right now. We barely push our raids to Rot and Fester and call it a night, not to extend next week. It’s rather depressing to think I might not even see the LK fight before the new expansion comes out. What can you do when you’re struggling to keep a full 10 man raid continuously?

I’ve been pugging 25 man ICC. This week I went with my partner’s guild. They are struggling to fill their raids too, and so are pugging spots.

I’ve been thinking more about switching to Holy spec on Ama. That way I could fill any healing role. I’m terrified that I’ll be really bad at Holy. Last time I played as Holy was back in Naxx, the guild I was in at the time had me switch when it was time for the Loatheb fight. I never felt very confident, and often felt mana starved.

I wonder if I’d feel the same way today? Will I be able to use my same gear? Will I have to change gems/enchants? How can I practice being Holy outside of a raid?

I’ve talked to my new healing partner about these things. She says that mana is less of an issue with high level gear. She suggested that 5 mans are not a good way to try to practice being Holy. She insists it’s hard to heal heroics as Holy. I think I’d still like to give it a try. Being a Discipline priest feels like it was made for healing heroics. It has a tool for every situation. A Holy priest is still a priest. Can it be that much different?

Rambling post is rambling. What did I tell you?

Alright, I leave you with…


BC gear at it’s finest?


4 Responses to Third Shift and the Slump

  1. Erinys says:

    For the first 4 and a bit years, I was holy to the core. Then entirely by accident, I ended up healing a five man as disc (forgot to swap from my PvP spec)and I’ve never looked back. Holy for 25 man content, Disc for everything else. Yes, you can heal 5 mans as Holy just as you can PvP as Holy, but I find Disc more comfortable. Penance and awesome shields are pretty much you need unless the group is horrible. With Holy, I feel you need to be a lot more proactive.

    I don’t know how you feel about PvP in general, but Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest are both a fairly good way of practising holy in a non PvE raid setting. For example going and healing on Galvanger, especially if the Horde are defending often requires quite a bit of AoE healing.

    • Wow! That’s a great idea! I would never have thought of testing it in BGs. I love running battlegrounds with my guild. I’ve always considered Holy to be too squishy for BGs, but I see people do it.

      I may just give that a try. Thank you!

  2. Saga says:

    Now I admittedly only play my priest in HCs for the most part (and a little PvP) – but healing HCs as holy is not difficult (with some gear). At lower gear levels you will run oom, so you just have to make sure the tank lets you drink. If you’re fairly decently geared then mana isn’t an issue (until you get a 21k tank as I did the other day – while it worked, it did take a lot more of my mana, mainly cause he sometimes lost aggro and I had to heal everyone).

    I’ve not tried disc in HCs – reading Erinys’ statement above makes me think of trying it. What I love most with holy is the group healing, for the fights where your entire party takes damage. I just absolutely adore Circle of Healing, and I think I’m scared of losing it (that’s why I haven’t tried disc yet).

    If your tank is decently geared, and you’re decently geared healing HCs is easy as holy for sure. It’s just renew, shield and circle of healing if the others take damage. Maybe a flash heal or prayer of healing here and there (I usually wait for a full stack of .. hm the buff that eludes me at the moment haha cast time is reduced anyway.. for PoH). The one place I still find difficult to heal is Heroic Halls of Reflection. Maybe I should try it as disc! 😛

    • It didn’t seem logical to me that healing Heroics would be that much more difficult as Holy. With my gear it really shouldn’t be an issue. I think I may just give it a try as well.

      You should try Halls of Reflection as Disc. Bubbles make it so much easier.

      Thank you!

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