In which Viva goes to Northrend and turns 70!

As beautiful as Northrend is, there are no perfect “Now Entering Northrend” locations in which to take that first screenshot as you enter. Going through the Dark Portal is such a key moment in a character’s leveling progression. Going to Northrend for the first time is no less of an occasion. Yet how many of us take a screenshot upon arrival?

I opted to take a screenshot of Viva at level 70 from the character selection screen. Yes, I cheat!

I'm too sexy for my goggles.

I changed her hair color to purple a while back because I was sick of looking at the black kitty form. It wasn’t long after that I decided to switch to Boomkin. I’m sticking with the purple hair anyway. The blue hair reminded me too much of Jezz anyway.


Viva really did go to Northrend and turned 70 while there.

And she ran her very first Northrend dungeon.

Utgarde Keep is a lot harder at appropriate level than I remember. Maybe it’s because when Ama did it she was wearing BC epics, or maybe it’s because Discipline Priests are the perfect 5 man healer.

The tank died a few times. I was trying my hardest to keep him alive. I don’t know whether to blame it on lack of skill on my part, lack of gear on my part, or lack of those same in the tank. He was a DK in mostly dps gear though.

We managed to get through the dungeon, though, and that’s what matters. Right?

And Viva got her very first emblem.

Go go Druid power!


4 Responses to In which Viva goes to Northrend and turns 70!

  1. Excandersham says:

    The last boss of Utgarde is not nice for a fresh lvl70 group. Seems to hit absurdly hard.

    • I actually had more trouble on larger trash pulls than on bosses, if I remember correctly. I don’t feel quite as well equipped to cope with tank healing as a druid than I do on my priest. Perhaps that is crux of the matter.

  2. Depending on which zone you take the boat from, the boat ride in is pretty memorable. I know the one from menethil into Howling Fjord is pretty awesome the first time you take it. I remember looking at everything above me as soon as I zoned in. Borean Tundra was kind of a blah boat ride sadly.

    • Oh, I’m not disputing that it’s beautiful. There are some truly beautiful areas as you enter Northrend. There is no signature spot to take a screenshot in Northrend (at least not until it’s time to sit on Santa’s… err Arthas’ lap).

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