Progression Ama?

Ama has secured herself as a member of the guild’s progression team (which is really the only team, despite all of our talk about having a second 10 man group).

I’m starting to feel useful and good about my Discipline spec and healing. It’s about time. I should have installed the Recount + absorbs addon a long time ago. I’ve always just felt like a crappy healer because my hps sucks. I know meters aren’t everything, but it sucks consistently being the low man on the totem pole.

I still feel like Disc priests are a dime a dozen and I still want a raid healer (gogo druid), but at least now I’m starting to feel confident in myself. The failures I’ve had in PuGs have not necessarily been my failures, even though I’ve felt like they are.

Despite my off and on complaining, I love my guild and I love our raid team (when the whole team shows up).

The guild has actually made progression this week. It was progression for me too.

We killed Blood Council for the first time the other night. Yeah, I know, easy peasy, right? For some reason progression for us went:

Festergut–>Rotface–>Prof P–>Valithria–>Sindy–>Blood Council

You’d think after Sindy that we would be able to do anything, but we had it stuck in our mind that a dps could tank Keleseth, and well that didn’t work so well. We have learned the error of our ways, and are one step closer to Arthas.

Ama has finally gotten that last bit reputation with the Ashen Verdict, and gotten the uber ring of awesomeness, as well as a fancy achievement/title.

It’s not as shiny as Kingslayer would be though.



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