For Gnomeregan!

I’m sure everyone is burbling about this right now, but I can’t resist!

The Battle for Gnomeregan has begun! The pre expansion transition is underway!

I went out and did the Gnomer stuff on Vivacious, because it seemed like the thing to do.

Viva isn’t 80 yet, so she couldn’t complete the Gnomer quests, but she had fun with what she could do.

Viva and Totally with their troops

It was awesome leading a pack of gnomes all on mechanostriders to the training grounds at Steelgrill’s Depot.

Where's the girl gnomes at?

My only questions is, I know I brought some girlie gnomes with me for training, but when I go to train with the Lieutenant, all the trainees are male. Where did all the girls go?

They must be back in the kitchen making sammiches.

Mmmm! Sammiches.


2 Responses to For Gnomeregan!

  1. Saga says:

    I just finished this myself and it was a lot of fun. Everyone is going on about how much better the Horde version is though.. maybe I should level my horde the last few levels so I can check it out *lol*

    • I’ve been kind of regretting that I don’t have a horde character high enough level to do the Zalazane stuff. As many times as I’ve leveled a character in that area, I still don’t have a high level hordie. I’m almost tempted to faction transfer my Paladin.

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