Ashwynn’s Big Day Out!

Ashwynn typically spends her days in Ironforge plying her trades, which consist of tailoring and general junk and miscellaneous merchant. When she is not at the tailoring merchant she is at the auction house or in the bank counting her gold.

Today she got a visit from Ama’s friend Spellpower. He took her on a magical trip to Dalaran. Such a wonderous change from being cooped up in dark, dismal Ironforge.

The first stop was none other than the Violet Citadel.

Ashwynn and Spellpower at the Violet Citadel

After which Ashwynn had a nice debate with some members of the Kirin Tor over the benefits of her Fel magic over the Arcane. I’m not sure she won anyone over.

Ashwynn and the Kirin Tor

Then Disynn insisted they visit one of the more seedy parts of the city, the tavern in the Underbelly,  Cantrips & Crows.

Ashwynn and Disynn at Cantrips & Crows

They got into a heated argument over where to visit next. Disynn wanted to stay in the Underbelly, while Ashwynn has missed seeing the sun, being all cooped up in Ironforge. This is not the first time Disynn has given Ashwynn trouble. Demons!


Ashwynn Holds Her Own Against Her Minion

She decided to dismiss her back to the Twisting Nether for a while, and instead hopped on her Felsteed for a jaunt around Dalaran.


Ashwynn on her Felsteed in Dalaran

She made her way back to the Eventide statue where she met up with Spellpower once more. She found him up on the base of the statue there, and despite her efforts, she struggled and struggled to leap up there to join him.


Ashwynn Can't Jump

By the time she managed to make the leap, Spellpower had wandered off. She was still very pleased with increasing her jumping skill.


Jumpin' Lock!

After all this, Ashwynn was exhausted and went to take a nap in the Alliance inn, A Hero’s Welcome.


Nap time! (Who's that?)

And woke up to find a stranger lurking by her bed. It’s ok though, it was just a friend of Spellpower.


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