We killed the Lich King (except I wasn’t there)!

I know I’m so far behind the curve its not even funny. My guild killed the Lich King a few days ago, without me. I’m disappointed. I kinda went on a huge rant and vented my frustration at the guild, which was the wrong thing to do.

The night I missed, the night they killed the Lich King, was posted as a night for RS. No one wants to do RS. We all hate it. So I declined. If they had listed it as a Lich King night, I would have been there.

If I had been there maybe we wouldn’t have killed him. Sometimes I worry that I’m the fail factor that is making us not down things. Sometimes when I’m not there the guild gets things done.

I think what really made me blow up was because I was pumped up and ready to go kill the Lich King, only to find out he’s already down. Like I was loaded with testosterone, ready for the big game, except its canceled.

They say we’re gonna keep going and get everyone their title and get titles for alts, but I kind of feel like that’s just a pipe dream and that its not going to happen. But I’m taking things as they come, raid by raid. This week we got through the first 6 bosses, the easy stuff.  We shall see if we can extend the raid and get past Professor P with the alt team.


One Response to We killed the Lich King (except I wasn’t there)!

  1. Tam says:

    Oh God, this must have been heartbreaking… and, yes, it always makes you doubt yourself when a group succeeds at something difficult in your absence. However, for my VERY LITTLE EXPERIENCE of this fight I think there is a time-based learning curve… if that makes sense. You know, almost as if there’s a set number of times after which you sort of begin to get it. I think this is far more likely than you being teh suck 🙂

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