Ding! Druid’s done!

Viva (freshly 80) and her Treant entourage

I did a little marathon of working on Viva this weekend, and to her treants’ joy, she is now level 80, albeit poorly geared. The actual screenshot of her hitting 80 turned out horrible, as I was in the midst of a Skadi fight in regular Utgarde Pinnacle, otherwise I’d be showing it off here. I couldn’t even salvage the bit with the achievement.

I have yet to try a heroic on her, although the dungeon finder says I can. I think I will start out as Boomkin so I’m not hindering the group with my low level healing gear. I’ll still be hindering groups, but it’s easier to carry a DPS than a Healer.

I neglected to collect any +Hit gear while I was leveling up, since I knew my focus would be Resto. Hopefully it won’t be too horrible. Of course, I maybe should still keep on doing regular dungeons.

What do you, dear readers, think? Skip to heroics or keep doing regulars?


2 Responses to Ding! Druid’s done!

  1. TT says:

    Get into those heroics peoples gear will make up for the fact you just dinged and spend some time with your friend totally, he misses you

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