Oh, Sindragosa… again.

So, the Alt team is making its way through ICC 10 man. Since myself and two others who were on the progression team didn’t make it to the Lich King kill, we have been relegated to to the Alt team, which is really the only team. Are you confused yet? So am I.

We’ve killed everything, except for Sindragosa and the Lich King with the Alt group. This should be an accomplishment, but since everyone has already done it all on their mains (except the three of us), we kind of thought it would be a cakewalk. Well, not so much.

Welcome to nights of wiping on Sindy.

I managed to make the most of it, by playing with my Teldrassil Sproutling between attempts.

Ama playing with her Sproutling between Sindragosa attempts

As attempts wore on, the poor sproutling got kind of tired, and Ama didn’t blame her.

Sleepy Sproutling

One thing I have learned, sometimes Ama is perfectly content to be trapped in an ice tomb.

Happily tombed Ama

And sometimes Ama absolutely hates being trapped in an ice tomb.

Grrr! Ice tombed again?!

Particularly after Lady RNG has seen fit to chain tomb healer after healer until we wipe.

All in all, I think we are doing well. The first time we killed Sindragosa was after wiping on it for a week. This is a completely different group for all intents and purposes, and although we may all be the same people behind the toons, we are a different team. Many are re-learning how to do the fight in a completely different role than they are used to, and we are all re-learning how to work with each other in our different roles. We should be proud of getting her down to 8%. I have faith that we can get her down, but it was never going to be easy.

EDIT: The bony bitch is down! Woohoo!


4 Responses to Oh, Sindragosa… again.

  1. Traxy says:


    Sindragosa is a tough fight, especially when you’re rather new to it. I once heard someone divide fights into a few types. Some, like say Festergut, challenge your strongest players. The tanking and healing on that fight is intense. Other fights challenge your weakest players. Sindragosa is one of those fights because she could randomly target any one person in the raid and if that person doesn’t do what he or she needs to do, the raid can wipe. We had one healer, for instance, who couldn’t get himself out of Blistering Cold and that basically doomed every single one of our attempts that night.

    Good luck with the Lich King!

    • Well, we’ve killed her before, but thanks for the congrats.

      I think you’re absolutely right. There’s a lot of RNG in effect during Sindragosa and the LK fight as well.

      Sometimes the quality of my computer has caused me to be that healer you mentioned who can’t make it out of the Blistering Cold (that and I’m a fail keyboard turner). I’d say maybe one in four attempts I lag too much to make it out in time.

      It got to the point where my Holy counterpart was giving me Guardian Spirit during Blistering Cold just in case. I don’t think I needed it most times, but better that than the one time it happen and us wipe because of it. Every healer is precious on that fight.

  2. Tam says:

    Congrats on Sindy – even though you’ve killed her before 🙂 It’s such a tough fight, and is so dependent on everyone behaving sensibly and not fucking up, that I always feel a measure of pride when she goes down.

    I am weirdly addicted to taking screenshots of myself in ice-tombs. I’m usually casting so it’s strange to see yourself frozen in a position that usually flashes by… my dorf always looked (no pun intended) coolest.

    • Agreed, I think each of the biggies give a sense of accomplishment when you down them, even Prof P, maybe especially Prof P.

      It is oddly addicting, taking screenshots of yourself in ice tombs. I took many more during our tries at Sindy that week. Before then I’d never thought to. My favorite is angry Ama. I wonder what series of actions makes me look so grumpy?

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