Characters: Where am I going and who with?

With Cataclysm right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the characters I have planned to make first and the characters that continue to linger in the back of my head, and also about the state of my main.

Currently, I still consider Amaranthine to be my main, despite the fact that in recent days I am playing Vivacious far more. What can I say? I’m loving the druid.

As I look at my Character Selection screen, I have mixed feelings. This list has been fuller in the past. I’ve deleted many toons over the years.


Levity is at the top now, since I transferred Ama off and back on. Levity doesn’t even deserve the right to be on the list. I don’t play her. I have no intention of playing her. In fact every time I look at this list and see her at the top I cringe.

Sounds horrible, right? Why don’t I just delete her? Because that was days of work put in to level her up and get her geared up to tank. I had help from so many friends and guildies. It feels wrong for all of that to be for nothing. Regardless of whether I delete her or not, she is still for nothing because I don’t use her. She’s my miner. I use her if I need ore for something, which is almost never. Perhaps it is time to let her go. I just don’t know.


It’s funny, because of all the toons I should feel bitter and sad about, Ashwynn should be the saddest. I should hate looking at her, but strangely I don’t. I’ve grown to love her in that quirky way parents love the middle child, the goofy and gangly one that never seems capable of doing anything right. She was my first toon to make it past level 20. She is my bank alt, and I wouldn’t dream of leaving her behind. She may never be a toon that I truly play, but she will always be a toon I log onto, if for no other reason than to gallivant around Dalaran. I do think I should at least get her to level 70, if for no other reason, so she can fly.


I’ll skip over Viva and Ama, as these are my dueling healer mains at the moment. Although I think the guild would prefer me to stay on my priest, I’m still considering which will be my main when Cata comes out.


Which brings me to Shycotic. Shycotic is a place-holder character for what I intended to be my Goblin Rogue. As Cataclysm approached, my decision to make my Goblin a Rogue wavers in my mind, and I wonder if I shouldn’t make a Shaman or some other class. Shycotic is my Rogue’s name, no matter what I decide about the Goblin.


My Holy Paladin and role-playing inspiration. While I am rarely playing her, I don’t intend to give up on her anytime soon.


Icelica is my Death Knight, or Death Knight incarnation #54. I have played through the Death Knight starting area so many times I can’t keep a true count. Maybe some day I’ll actually level one all the way up. Maybe it will be Icelica.


Another place-holder, this one is for my Worgen Mage, which is absolutely set in stone. I’m very excited about this character and I can’t wait. She has a story and a life all her own, a character I can actually role-play, I think. We shall see.


Kizzey was not on my character selection screen the day I took that screenshot. She is yet another place-holder. She’s going to be a Dwarven Shaman and a pirate to boot! I’m excited about her too. Another opportunity for role-play. 😀

The Rest

Which leaves me with one slot left, assuming that I don’t delete any of these. This also leaves me with several of my goals left unfulfilled. Quite frankly, I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to complete all of the characters I have place-holder names for, let alone move beyond that. I guess only time will tell which characters become my focus and which fall to the wayside.


4 Responses to Characters: Where am I going and who with?

  1. Saga says:

    I’ve been having similar thoughts as Cataclysm is closing in. I have 6 80s (well 7, but 2 are paladins and I only really play one of them) and I don’t know that I’ll level them all to 85. Unless the expansion drags out with nothing to do kind of like Wrath.

    My first character to level will naturally be the one that is my main and I intend to raid with. However, I’m currently torn about who my main should be. The last tiers of Wrath I’ve been main tanking for the guild on my Warrior – but as Cataclysm is coming I don’t know if I want to be a tank anymore.

    Regarding your 80 Paladin that you don’t play, if I were you I’d still not delete it – because you never know if you’ll change your mind at some point in the future. And if not, it’s still nice to have it there as a reminder of the work put into it.

    I’ve deleted characters through my WoW playing days too, but none at level 80 yet. I think the highest ones I’ve deleted were 71 and 62 – and for the 71 I do kind of regret it. The only reason I deleted her was because I “needed” the character slot. So unless you really need the slot, I’d say keep her 🙂

    • I agree, Saga. All of my friends tell me to hang on to the paladin, and I intend to. I have a rule set in my head that I’m only allowed to delete her if I get a different paladin up to level 80.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m impressed at your level of organisation with placeholder names. I haven’t thought that far ahead – barely decided which character I’m going to start with, given I have several representing different casual/raider playstyles 😮

    • I am far from organized, just had ideas floating in my head for quite a while (ever since the new playable races were announced). I’m not sure which one will be leveled up first and all of that. Heck, I’m not even sure which of my 80s is going to be my main.

      Good luck with your decision making. I think we’re all going to need it. The world is opening up anew and there is going to be so much to do!

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