I have slain the King!

It is done. Arthas has been put out of his misery by mine own hands. Well, not just my hands. Well, actually not really my hands at all, but I did keep those alive who did do the killing bits.

And along with his demise came these:


Precious achievements! My Precioussssss!

I am beyond happy! I was truly concerned that I wouldn’t achieve my ultimate goal for this expansion, and I would have had no one to blame but myself. I would have had this done long ago if I hadn’t taken a break from raiding and explored other realms.

I’m not sure if there are others in the guild that still need titles, but for now we are still scheduled to return to the Citadel next week. Maybe we will try some hard modes, maybe we will just grind it for badgers and fun. Either way, the pressure is off, and it feels wonderful!



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