Public Service Announcement

Ignore this mage!

As soon as we entered Heroic Nexus this mage hearthed back to Shattrath. We got through the first boss with only the rogue dying to whirlwind, and this was through pulling the entire area due to fears. At which point someone mentioned that the mage wasn’t even with us and that we should kick him. And here is what happened:

Ok… Viva’s Gearscore using the addon is currently right around 4k. Ama’s Gearscore using the addon is right around 5.7k.  So unless this mage is coming from some magic world where Gearscores can be magically up to 10k, I don’t think so.

Secondly, if you have no desire to run an instance, why the hell did you queue and probably wait 20-30 minutes for the dungeon to pop, just to behave like this?

I recognize that this guy has some amazing gear and achievements, but that does not mean he has a right to just trounce all over some fairly fresh 80s and hijack their heroic run. Heroics are easy and they can be done with 2k gearscore, the way we did it when Wrath was brand new.

Everyone in the group was decently geared and was doing decently. The tank was holding aggro, the hunter and rogue were holding their own. There is no reason to make an immediate call like this based purely upon Gearscore. Give people a chance.

It’s unfortunate to see these kind of people running around ruining other people’s mornings. For the most part I feel that RP realms have more nice people per capita than other realms. This guy isn’t it, and he freely admitted that he also role-plays. I don’t know if he was role-playing an asshole or if he really is one, and I don’t care. It’s just not right and I don’t have to put up with it.

So, if you see Indarys from Moonguard, run far, far away.


3 Responses to Public Service Announcement

  1. Saga says:

    Wow, that’s a true asshat. I agree, if you’re not intending to actually play – don’t queue for a HC. Whenever I queue for an instance I know that there’s a chance I get people with less gear than I have, but I still go. Let’s be honest – as long as people know how to play and aren’t idiots they can manage HCs fine in pretty much their quest blues. It might take 10 minutes longer, but what’s 10 minutes really?

    Besides, I like to be nice to people. I hope that it might go around so when I join on an alt someone might be nice to me. (Yeah, right! *lol* But one can hope hehe)

    • I find it shocking when these situations come up. Quite honestly more often than not, PUG randoms through the Dungeon Finder typically end up decent regardless of gearscore, and the key factor for it being tolerable to me is people being decent to each other and doing what they came to do. I don’t get upset over wipes or slowness. For me, issues arise when people start snarking at me or at others. Those are the groups I bail on.

      I try to be nice to people too, but I don’t put up with people calling me a scrub or baddie very well. This expansion it’s very hard to be a baddie in general. You have to mess up very badly to really truly be bad. 5 man dungeons have been very easy when compared to older expansions. When I queue for a random I expect to be carrying one or more person through the dungeon. In fact I’ve carried entire groups on my priest through mis-pull after mis-pull. I don’t get pissy and behave like this guy. I get through it and offer tips and tricks if I know them to try and help the others.

      I guess I just don’t understand why someone would do this, and why they would refuse to leave the group when they didn’t intend to participate. Free badges, no effort, plus they get to troll some noobs?

      It’s annoying to no end that we had to wait 15 minutes to boot this guy. Perhaps Blizz needs to institute a change where if you leave the dungeon proper then you are eligible for instant kick.

  2. Saga says:

    I remember Blizzard saying that if you seldom kick people you’d be able to do it sooner. Now, I never initiate the kick and I still can’t kick someone immediately (or within 15 mins) so it doesn’t seem to be working. (Or I’m kicking people mindlessly while sleeping or something, who knows)

    I agree that you shouldn’t take people getting snarky/rude etc. I don’t either. I’m nice to people as long as they’re nice to me. And as you say, we all end up carrying people sometimes (or being carried on an alt) and to me that’s what it’s all about.

    I remember going into a HC on my warrior (tank) and everyone else was a fresh 80, I think they were a bunch of friends. They died several times since they couldn’t survive whirlwinds, bombs and such – but we kept going. I remember them dying on the first boss in UK and me and the druid healer finished it (took forever *lol*) Afterwards they thanked me for being so patient with them, and I’m glad I stuck with it and helped them out. I know so many people who’d just take one look at their gear and drop group, and it makes me angry.

    It brings me a certain level of enjoyment though to know that in 2 months time those same people won’t have the opportunity to do so cause we’ll all be wearing leveling gear 😛 (But I realise they’ll start doing it again once they can.. just can’t stand people like that.. grr)

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