Revenge, At Last!

Old school achievements and dungeons are not my guild’s thing. Luckily enough, my best friend’s guild sometimes does these things, and I get to tag along. Many thanks to you guys, and to you, Spell. ❤

Today, Ama got her revenge on Lady Vashj, finally! I know, I know. Not the most epic of achievements for a level 80, but a milestone for Ama nonetheless.

Die, you naga wench! Die!

The guild I was in during BC ended its raiding days without having completed the last bosses in SSC or TK. We made brief attempts at Mount Hyjal, but were only able to down the first boss there. We never stepped into Black Temple or Sunwell. We were exceptionally late to the game, and the introduction of Zul Aman created epic proportion drama that destroyed the guild.

We had made a few attempts at Lady Vashj before we moved on to Mount Hyjal. That fight has to be one of the most infuriating fights in the game.

This morning we did it with 10 people, which was a challenge in and of itself, given all of the adds and the different corners where the cores come from and then need to go to. Thank heaven for Vent!

We also completed TK and killed Kael’thas. Unfortunately I didn’t get screenshots of that. It was very fun to get to see. I had seen all of the bosses in TK except for Kael’thas. By that time it was nearing the end of BC and our repeated failures on Lady Vashj had us convinced we would not be able to kill Kael and his council.


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