Ama vs Viva (Disc Priest vs Resto Druid)

Having played around with both of my so-called main characters, I can firmly say at this time that provided things don’t change too much more before expansion, Vivacious will be my main.

She’s opened me up to a whole other world known as DPS. For some reason Shadow spec never rubbed me the right way. I just couldn’t get it down, even with decent gear and being hit capped, I was lucky to do 2k dps. Perhaps Boomkin is just an easier DPS class to play, or maybe I just like being a giant laser chicken more than having a shadowy aura.

I think this may be the best opportunity for me to break into druid healing. There are so many people who seem so dissatisfied with the loss of tree form, and the change to the appearance of the form that is incoming. Some of these people are flat out refusing to druid heal any longer.

Viva giving The Park in Stormwind some lovin'

I am absolutely adoring the new Efflorescence talent. This has to be the most fun AoE heal ever. Especially when it trips your tank up in Pit of Saron and he runs out of it thinking its poison. Hehe!

I’m trying to focus on the positive here, and that is my newfound joy in Druidic goodness. Quite frankly, I’m feeling a lot like Tam right now in regards to Discipline healing (see his posts here and here) , or perhaps even more so. I just can’t bring myself to really stick to the Smite Priest model. I commend Tam for his diligence in truly giving the spec a thorough shake down.

I ran a grand total of 3 heroics with it and immediately decided I can’t split myself that way. I’m a healer. It would be alright maybe if Smite was my go to dps spell in between healing spells, but, well, it just isn’t. Smite feels terribly weak when compared to our DoTs like Devouring Plague, Shadow Word: Pain, and of course Holy Fire. Mmmm… Sexy Holy Fire… ~drool~ Or even Mind Sear with its delicious AoE-ey-ness. Wait. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Smite.

Maybe my dislike for Smite stems from leveling up through what felt like a billion levels with no damage spell of any real value but Smite, snatching up my mana like its going out of style and leaving me to wand my way through packs of mobs. Admittedly I leveled Holy during BC, so perhaps my viewpoint is a bit skewed.

The bottom line for me, is that using Smite in this way is feeling very forced and I just plain don’t like it. One of the things I’ve always loved about any healing class is that there is much more room for fluidity in rotation. This doesn’t feel fluid to me at all. As Tam said, “it’s far too easy to either get stuck in a smite-frenzy only to look round and discover everybody is dead, or to get so caught up in healing (it’s your job after all) that you forget you could also be smiting a bit on the side.”

As terrified as I am of it, I think I have to seriously give Holy a try. Yep, I’m hopping on that bandwagon. I feel horrible for it, but I just can’t do this. In the meantime I’m spreading some Druid love around Azeroth.


2 Responses to Ama vs Viva (Disc Priest vs Resto Druid)

  1. Tam says:

    I have to say, diligence aside, I’m leaning towards your take on the matter. I can’t heal and DPS – the DPS is bad and my healing suffers. And my brain explodes. I’m going to try a little longer, to see if it gets better but currently I am FAILING hard. I’m loving my level 76 druid though, it feels flexible, powerful and exciting – the circle of flowers is simply lovely, especially when you’re a cow (also I’ve been off tranquility since someone observed it looked like sparkly semen falling from the sky…)

    • Ughh… I think you have officially made me dislike Tranquility as well. And Starfall for that matter. Not that I’ve ever much liked Starfall. It says it has decreased the spells range, but it hasn’t really I don’t think. My GM calls it rofl StarPull.

      I hope you can get a handle on Discipline. If you can do it, I know I can too.

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