Ashwynn’s Big Day Out: Take Two

Some of you may have noticed that Ashwynn is no longer level 69. That’s right ladies and gents, the prodigal warlock has been sent out on a mission, to gain a level.

The interesting thing about all of this is that I actually enjoyed leveling her for that one level. I specced her out in a sexy Destruction build, gave her some very Warlock-ish BOAs, and went out and started some fires.

Ashwynn in her Sexy BOAs

Now, before you start asking why I bothered doing any of this, well, its rather an embarrassing story… You see, Ashwynn is my tailor, and I thought it fitting if she had a flying carpet. So I got the mats together and at great expense she made herself a lovely little flying carpet… that she couldn’t use. The tooltip on the carpet told me that I needed to be level 70 to use this item. So, you see, this was my reasoning behind leveling Ashwynn to 70.

There was only one thing that I forgot. Ashwynn already has flying skill, and there is a lesser flying carpet that I should have made for her first. I had crafted the epic flying carpet instead of the regular one. No chance I am wasting 5,000 gold to give her epic flying. Maybe if some day I have gold to throw away, but that isn’t the case right now.

So I wound up gathering the less considerable mats for the lesser flying carpet, and celebrated with Spellpower at Krasus Landing.

Carpet Surfing with Spellpower

Afterwards, I took her out for a little spin with Spellpower to visit the Baron in Stratholme. Old Rivendare just isn’t what he used to be. Yet, he still refuses to give up that steed.

Hello Baron

All in all, a fun little adventure for Ashwynn, and a lesson for me. Perhaps Ashwynn will not be stuck in Ironforge forever.




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