The Best Halls of Stone Ever

Over the weekend I ran quite a few heroics with guild mates, just for the heck of it. One such run consisted of me on Vivacious healing and 2 enhancement shaman guildies. Using the LFD tool we picked up a paladin tank and a mage.

As seems to be common on Viva, we got Halls of Stone. We plugged through the trash easily and when we came up to the intersection to choose which boss to go to the paladin went left to the Brann event.

At this point my guildies and myself questioned him, asking why we are skipping bosses.

The tank replied, “Most people run these dungeons for the points not for the gear.”

Confused, my guildies and I had a brief discussion in vent, basically went along the lines of, “The blues that drop off the side bosses? Is that what he’s talking about? None of us need blues. Does he know that every boss killed gives Justice Points?”

At which point one of us typed just that, “Every boss killed gives Justice Points, so it makes sense to do all of them.”

The tank seemingly conceded and seemed to agree that we’d kill all the bosses after the Brann event.

Skip forward and we have easily completed the event, despite the tank not even attempting to actually tank (my shaman guildies make great tanks!) and are heading back to that fateful intersection once more. I say in vent, “How much you wanna bet he has a change of heart and decides to skip the other bosses?”

No one wanted to bet with me.

The tank, just as I thought, headed down the right path ahead of all of us towards the end boss. Myself and all of the DPS stop at the intersection and have a brief conversation, at which point we determine that the shamans can tank the rest of the instance and tank be damned.

We head left towards the Maiden, easily trouncing through trash. As we get up to the boss the tank joins us and actually decides to do some tanking. I guess he has had another change of heart?

After the Maiden is dead he says, “Ooooo! 16 Justice Points. Pfffft.”

To which I responded, “If you don’t want to do the other bosses then leave.”

Several other snarky comments later and we ended up voting to kick him out.

My shamans tanked the rest of the dungeon quite easily. It was actually kind of exciting to heal. I only lost one of them once because they ran ahead of me out of range.

I guess the whole thing kind of confuses me. Why would he scoff at 16 Justice Points when the end boss gives 24. Doing two extra bosses nets you 32 points. Why would you skip that? I guess it makes sense for a tank though, since they get instant dungeons when they queue. For the rest of us who have to wait 5-20 minutes for a dungeon to pop, it makes no sense to skip bosses.

Lesson learned: Think outside the box when these kind of situations arise. Communicate with your fellow Puggers (admittedly much easier if some of them are your guildies). Don’t let one jerk spoil it for everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚



6 Responses to The Best Halls of Stone Ever

  1. Saga says:

    I know in Halls of Stone I don’t like the stone boss, mainly cause there are so many pesky adds to get through before you get to him *lol* Maiden though is like 2-3 adds.. so takes a whole of 2 minutes extra ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I tank I may not care about the extra bosses, as you say since the queue is so quick.. but I generally find it polite to ask if anyone else wants/needs the optional bosses and if they say yes I’ll do them anyway.

    • I would have been willing to compromise and skip the stone boss if a conversation had even been attempted, but there was none. The extent of the conversation was what I noted above. He proceeded to do what he wanted, so we did what we wanted.

      Heck, I would have had no problem if he had said he was short on time or something. The extent of his argument was that people run the dungeons for points and that the measly 16 points per additional boss did not warrant doing them.

      Maybe the more polite thing to do would have been to go with him to the end boss and let him just bail afterwards then we could have moved on and done the rest without him. Unfortunately I didn’t think about that until after we’d done it.

      In retrospect I think both sides of this situation acted kind of like jerks in ways. I can see how us hijacking the run in that way could have been upsetting to him. His lack of communication and outright lying about agreeing to do all bosses, then snarking at us was upsetting for us as well.

      If nothing else, this has been a lesson in etiquette and communication.

  2. Gauss says:

    Doing less amount of bosses actually nets you more points for time invested. Since you get a bonus for the finishing the instance means you get them quicker. Then you can queue faster and hence get more bonus faster once again. Although since the patch I am not sure how the logic is since I have yet to do any heroics.

    If people wanted to do the extra bosses I would say feel free to do them after I leave and we kill the last boss. Yes people would say it takes like such and such more time and I would say that is exactly the point. That would be time doing what they don’t want to do.

    Yes there have been times where I have acted like a total ass when people wanted to do extra bosses, and was mostly because they wanted to decide what I was going to do while I was playing a game. Everyone needs specific bosses the others are optional if someone doesn’t want to do them then do them after he/she leaves. Then everyone gets what they want.

    • “Doing less amount of bosses actually nets you more points for time invested. Since you get a bonus for the finishing the instance means you get them quicker. Then you can queue faster and hence get more bonus faster once again.”

      I’m not sure this holds true for your average player (not a tank), because queue wait times can be as long as 30 minutes. I would agree with you if we all got instant dungeons when using LFD, but that’s not the case.

      And, I agree with you. We were kind of being asses by wasting the tank’s time by doing the optional bosses first, but I think he was also being an ass by saying he would do the optional bosses then changing his mind without saying anything.

      • Gauss says:

        Time put into instances is the same regardless of how long you wait for your queue. So points/time in instance > if you do less bosses.

        I do agree him say8ing he would then didn’t is just settign himself up for a fall

  3. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. If I have one hour to play WoW and want to get as many points as possible, then queue time does factor, and doing more bosses is optimal, at least that’s how I look at it.

    I guess there’s too many variables to really look at it that way. We all have differing amounts of free time, etc.

    Thanks for commenting, btw.

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