Blatantly Stealing Ideas from WoW Insider

Today’s Breakfast Topic on WoW Insider was “What prompted your class choice?”

I couldn’t resist posting about this, as it is a topic near and dear to my heart.

So, like many others my introduction to WoW was through a friend. I had played Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights prior. My friend got tired of hearing me complain about how bad Neverwinter Nights 2 was, and so referred me to WoW.

I putzed around, and as I had played a Paladin in NWN, I thought I’d give it a try. I leveled a dwarven paladin to about level 15 and then deleted her. For some reason it just didn’t click. So I asked my friend what he thought would be a good choice. He thought the best choice would be a warlock.

So Ashwynn was born. I toiled to get her to 58, even as the world was changing around me with the transition into The Burning Crusade. I struggled to learn this new game. My friend had to teach me how to make my voidwalker tank for me. I was slow to grasp how a warlock really worked. I kept pushing thinking that things would magically be awesome when I reached level cap. When I hit 58 and it was time for me to make the trek into Outlands I stopped.

The new reroll realm Cairne was being introduced, and it seemed like a perfect chance for me to learn to play with lots of other people leveling up also, everyone starting on a fresh clean slate. It was the perfect choice for me and the priest class was the perfect fit for me (a choice I made based on the suggestion of my now ex-husband). Amaranth was born!

Healing is the thing I like to do apparently. I struggle on any characters that can’t heal, although I am learning to grow away from that. I keep trying other roles because I feel like I need to branch out, but healing is really my favorite thing.

I have since gone back and attempted to play Ashwynn again and again. Her current status at level 70 as a destro lock is the most fun I have ever had on her, but I’m still not sure it really clicks.

With the changes to the priest class, I have made a conscious choice to switch mains to my druid, yet it still doesn’t sit perfectly right with me. In fact, it kind of breaks my heart a little. Ama is the heart and soul of my game experience in WoW, and it kind of hurts to think I may be shelving her.

Although my first character was not a priest, and even though my main may be changing, I still first and foremost consider myself a little night elf priest, traipsing through Teldrassil with her good friend at her side.

I miss you, MLJ. Come back and help me learn to love my priest again?


2 Responses to Blatantly Stealing Ideas from WoW Insider

  1. Saga says:

    I remember when I first started the game I picked a priest. But the leveling was just so absolutely horrible at some point that I stopped and made a rogue cause I wanted things to die quicker.

    Raided on the rogue, then when I switched to alliance towards the end of vanilla and had to pick a new class (faction change of course wasn’t available at that point) I went back to priest 🙂

    I still like my priest, though she hasn’t been my main since Karazhan days – but she’s still the second character I level when a new expansion comes out, I suspect she still might be in Cata – even if that means I have to learn how to play her again. These new changes make me scared.. probably because I never played her “properly” lately and now she’s all changed 😦 I haven’t even dared try a heroic yet.. I’m sure I’d be fine.. but still.. you know?

    I hope you can find your way back to your priest. They really are a good class. It’s just.. disconcerting when things change so much I guess.

    • I’m sure you’d do fine, but I do indeed know. Its hard to come back to a toon that you’ve set aside for a while.

      And never fear. I’m not going to give up on my priest. I guess she’s just getting put on the back-burner.

      I guess I can’t complain too much. It’s not like they took our mana away. Poor hunters.

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