Ice in Northrend

Another alt has made it through Outlands, and so arrives in Northrend, ready to kick some ass and take some names.

I think I spoke once about how everyone takes the obligatory going through the Dark Portal picture of their toons, but no one does a going to Northrend picture. Well, here ya go.

I'm on a boat!

Viva leveled through Borean Tundra with Totallytotem. Ice is going through Howling Fjord with Torq. We’re quite the odd couple. He’s a gnome, I’m a draenei. Why don’t I have any screenshots with him? Oh, that’s right. She’s too fabulous to include anyone else in her pictures, it would just mar her image.

Having landed at Valgarde with supplies.

I’ve been questing questing questing, because I’m kinda scared to tank yet. WTB replacements for my crappy starter DK gear. I figure I’ll wait until I hit 70 and then see whats on the AH. I’m finding that there are way too many quest rewards that are purely for Holy Paladins. What did Blizzard think, we’d end up with no Holy Pallies if they didn’t bombard them with gear?

Most fun quest in Howling Fjord so far?

Harpoon Surfing!




2 Responses to Ice in Northrend

  1. Saga says:

    I’ve been having problems when reaching Northrend my alts just sort of seem to.. give up. Or rather, I give up I guess. Up until then leveling is pretty decent, but once I hit Northrend I get too bored and they don’t seem to get anywhere. I have three characters at level 69-72 and none of them are getting played.I had a fourth but I deleted it and made it a horde.. only to change my mind and decide I will make it a worgen in Cata.

    Maybe in Cata Northrend leveling will be quicker, I hope so. How do you manage to stay interested to play through Northrend again? At this point it feels like I’ve done all of the quests a billion times, and the leveling feels so slow.

    • Perhaps I haven’t done these quests as many times as you? Hehe. I’ve actually only got three 80s, and each of them were leveled up quite a time span apart.

      My most recent was Viva, and I spent a majority of the time with her in random dungeons, and I plan to do the same with my DK.

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