I am Ama, a 30 year old WoW addict from Madison, WI.

What is the purpose of this Blog?

Ultimately the purpose for the Blog was for me to start writing again. I don’t proclaim to be a great writer, in fact the opposite is true. I’ve lacked discipline over the past several years. While I used to write daily, this dwindled down to nothing as time passed.

So what could I write about  that would hold my interest? World of Warcraft, of course! It began as I was lost in WoW, trying to find a home to play on. I think I may have found my home and much, much more.

Now I find this is an outlet for me to rant about whatever is going on in the game, as well as an outlet for a bit of RP.

If you wish to know more about me, I’d suggest reading and commenting or you can email me at LoveandWarinAzeroth(at)gmail(dot)com. I may add more information here at a later date.


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