Ice in Northrend

November 4, 2010

Another alt has made it through Outlands, and so arrives in Northrend, ready to kick some ass and take some names.

I think I spoke once about how everyone takes the obligatory going through the Dark Portal picture of their toons, but no one does a going to Northrend picture. Well, here ya go.

I'm on a boat!

Viva leveled through Borean Tundra with Totallytotem. Ice is going through Howling Fjord with Torq. We’re quite the odd couple. He’s a gnome, I’m a draenei. Why don’t I have any screenshots with him? Oh, that’s right. She’s too fabulous to include anyone else in her pictures, it would just mar her image.

Having landed at Valgarde with supplies.

I’ve been questing questing questing, because I’m kinda scared to tank yet. WTB replacements for my crappy starter DK gear. I figure I’ll wait until I hit 70 and then see whats on the AH. I’m finding that there are way too many quest rewards that are purely for Holy Paladins. What did Blizzard think, we’d end up with no Holy Pallies if they didn’t bombard them with gear?

Most fun quest in Howling Fjord so far?

Harpoon Surfing!




Ice Ice Baby

October 22, 2010

Why yes, I am a Blood Knight

Introducing Icelica who, contrary to logic, is a Blood tank. Yes, that’s right, I’m trying tanking again, and contrary to past experience, I’m loving it. Maybe its because DK tanking is so freaking easy at this level, or maybe its because I got a pep talk from Spellpower on how not to let the douchebags get to you.

I bought her a beautiful roleplay outfit (seen above). Death Knights should have been the original Blood Knights, screw those Elven bastards. Yeah, she’ll make your Blood Boil alright. I think the simple beauty of this toon is making me love her despite everything else going against her (namely that she’s a tank).

Don’t get me wrong, I love tanking, I’m just one of those people who likes to take it slow. I like to look at the pull and make a decision on how to pull it, not just run through room to room, just barely holding onto aggro and things being extremely chaotic. Yeah I know, I’m in the wrong expansion pack. I’ve had my share of Gogogo douches. They’ve got nothing on the plethora of Death Knights running around being horribad at this level.

I’ve gotten into groups consisting of four Death Knights and one healer, and all of the other Death Knights thinking they can do a better job of tanking than I can. I’ve learned that if there is more than one other DK in the group that I should maybe just bail ahead of time and save myself some grief.

There’s something about these level 60ish DKs. They have this take on the world kind of attitude, like nothing can mar them. Their epeens are enormous. And I have to admit, I’m kind of the same way. But whenever I play a tank I end up kind of being a diva. Maybe it’s more in the nature of the role than in the nature of the class.

I mostly just sympathize with healers. I try my best to do damage control when I’m not tanking in these groups. Death gripping things off of the healer when the “tank” can’t be bothered to do it, and grumbling to myself because I know if I was tanking I would have been able to hold aggro over the healer.

All of this aside, Ice has a story to tell as well. She started whispering it in my ear as soon as I specced her Blood. I hope I can get it all out of my head and onto paper in a way that makes sense and is entertaining.

More to come.