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I may end up reclassifying these again later, but for now here they are.

This is basically a list of the blogs I like to read. I am not sure if I fall into Gevlon’s description of a social blogger. I’m certainly not trying to be a professional by any means. I’m not really even trying to be social.

This blog is for me. I am one of those old fogeys who doesn’t know how to use a feed reader, so I moved my favorites list into a tangible space here. I have not removed Adam or Gevlon from my blogroll because I like to read their blogs, even if I don’t always agree with them. If you think I might like to read your blog, please feel free to email me (see the about page) or comment on a post.

A Healadin’s Tear – paladin

Armageddon’s Coming! – mage

Bang & Blame: A Knight’s Tale

Beyond the Tree – Web Comic

Big Bear Butt – druid

Caffeine, Smokes and Auction House Fees – general wow/gold making

Can Tank, Will Travel – tanking

Destructive Reach – warlock

Dreambound – druid

Druid Main – druid/rp

Ecclesiastical Discipline – priest

Excandersham’s WoW Guides – general wow

Exile in Durotar

Fail PUG! – general wow

Fel Concentration – warlock

Forever a Noob – general wow

Gauss’ Adventures in World of Warcraft – general wow

Girls Don’t Play WoW – altoholic

Girls Do Play WoW – Machinima

Greedy Goblin – uniquely goblinish

Guild Mum – priest

Harpy’s Nest – altoholic

Herc the Merc – Warrior

Holy Shock – general wow

Honeymint Tea – druid/priest

HoTs & DoTs – druid/spriest

I Like Bubbles – priest/paladin

I Like Pancakes – DK

Jaded Alt – altoholic

Jed’s Corner of WoW Shenanigans – mage

Kiss My Alas – general wow, pride and prejudice

Lark and the Guild – Guild leadership and silliness

Leafshine – druid

Letters from Birdfall – rogue

Licking Floor – altoholic

Looking For More – general wow, Corporate Raider Comic

Manalicious – mage/paladin/alts

Mana Obscura – mage

Moar Alts! – RP/Alts

Murloc Parliament – druid/mage, general wow

Mysterious Buttons

Non-Squishy Heals – paladin

Now I Am Tree – druid

Oddcraft – oddities in wow

Oh My, Kurenai – alts/healing

Orcish Army Knife – hunter

Parallel Context – general wow

Postcards from Azeroth – screenshots

Priest With A Cause – priest

Psynister’s Notebook – altoholic

Pugnacious Priest – priest

Raging Monkeys – general gaming

Rambling Dwarf – warrior

Redhawk’s Gaze – general wow

Revelart’s Druid Reliquary – Druid, duh!

Revive & Rejuvenate – druid

Righteous Orbs – priest and oh so much more

Safrocentric – altoholic

She Can’t DPS – hunter/rp

Shy at WoW – priest

Slash Two – altoholic

So Much WoW, So Little Time – altoholic

Spinksville – general gaming

Stories of WoW – druid

The Barrens Chat – general wow

The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon – paladin

The Gray Place – uhhhh

The ‘mental Shaman – shaman

The Noisy Rogue – rogue

The Pink Pigtail Inn – mage

The Stoppable Force – altoholic

The Violet Scribe – general wow

Tobold’s MMORPG Blog – general gaming

Troll Racials are Overpowered – general wow

TyphoonAndrew’s Eye of the Storm – general wow

Variant Avatar – general gaming

World of Warcraft Philosophized – general wow

2fps – general wow






5 Minutes on Hearth – general wow


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